Leasing Terms


  1. All lease payments are payable in advance of the month of lease.
  2. Post-dated cheques covering the lease period are required.
  3. Security deposit required upon signing Lease Agreement.


  1. Liability insurance:A minimum coverage of $4,000,000 including liabilities in respect to 4/4ths of the run down clause of the collision liability will be the responsibility of the lessee. Coverage must be in place prior to the start of the lease. EagleCraft Leasing Inc. and/or Daigle Welding & Marine Ltd. must be included in the policy as “Additional Insured”. Including Liabilities in respect of 4/4ths of the collision liability. Proof of policy will be required prior to the start of the lease.
  2. Hull and Machinery Insurance:Hull and machinery insurance is covered under our EagleCraft Leasing Inc. Fleet Insurance Policy. The cost of this insurance will be added to the cost of the monthly lease rate.

Lease Rates

Phone 1-250-287-6154 or email thealuminumboatguy@hotmail.com for rates and vessel availability.

Excess Hour Charge

An additional fee will be charged per hour for hours in excess of 100 hours per month. Excess hour or reduced hour packages are available to be purchased to meet your individual needs. Call for more details.


PST/GST if applicable is extra on the monthly lease rate.

Lease Boat Delivery

All leases originate in Campbell River, British Columbia. Delivery of a vessel to a specified lease destination by boat hauler can be arranged for an additional fee. Arrangements can also be made for one of our staff to run the vessel to your location by water. “Price to be negotiated.” All lease vessels must be returned to Campbell River, BC cleaned and with fuel tanks filled at the close of the lease contract. All delivery costs are at the expense of the lessee.

Sundry Items/Other

  1. All vessels are equipped with spare filters, oils and lubes. It will be the lessee’s responsibility to replenish goods consumed or charges for replacement will be invoiced to the lessee.
  2. All vessels are equipped with the required safety equipment and basic hand tools. The lessee will be responsible for any shortages on the return of the vessel from lease.
  3. Fuel levels on all vessels will be full at the start of the lease. On return from the lease the lessee will be charged the cost of fuel required to top up the tanks.
  4. While the vessel is under lease, the regular service and maintenance of the vessel and the vessel’s machinery is the responsibility of the lessee.
  5. Any damage to the vessel or the vessel’s propellers, hull and machinery while under lease that is not deemed to be normal “wear and tear” will be the responsibility of the lessee.

Qualified Operators of Lease Vessels

Only qualified operators with minimum of a Transport Canada SVOP, Med A-3 and VHF radio licenses may operate our lease vessels. Failing to comply would put the lessee in a position of total liability as all insurance policies would be void.

Have questions about our leasing program?

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