EagleCraft 31’ tour vessel

The EagleCraft 31′ tour vessel carries 12 passengers plus crew . Based upon the EagleCraft 31′ water taxi,  the EagleCraft 31′ tour vessel  is designed to  your  specific mission requirements and specifications. The EagleCraft 31′ tour vessel design can be powered by single diesel engines with stern drive, v drive inboard, jet pump drives, or surface drive propulsion systems depending on application and mission.  The EagleCraft 31′ tour vessel includes a head for passengers, and command bridge with seating.

Please contact us to discuss how our EagleCraft 31′ tour vessel can meet your mission requirements.  See our  see our  37′ water taxi/tour vessel, 33′ water taxi, 31′ water taxi  and 28 water taxi.

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Owned by West Coast Aquatic Safari in Tofino B.C.

EagleCraft 31’ tour vessel

  • Length: 31′
  • Beam: 11’0″
  • Engines:  Single Diesel engine with stern drive  v-drive shafts, jet pump drives, or surface drives available propulsion system
  • Cabin Length: 12′ Forward or Aft leaning cabin
  • Side Plate: 1/4″
  • Hull Plate: 1/4″ 5086 Alloy
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 130 Imp Gallon, 156 US gallon, 590 liters (depending on engines )
  • Electronics: Your Choice  

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