37’ Pilot Boat / Passenger Vessel

The 37′ Pilot boat / passenger vessel is a adapted from our  Response Vessel Class design . The Response Class vessels are designed  to meet your  specific mission requirements and specifications.  The 37′ Pilot boat/ passenger vessel is designed to transport 12 passengers. The Response Class Patrol vessel design can utilize v drive inboard, jet pump drives, or surface drive propulsion systems depending on application and mission.  The Response Class Patrol Vessels are design for multi-mission use, including the following:

  • Transport up to 12 passengers.
  • Provide pilot transportation.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of port facilities and waterways.
  • Escorting deep sea shipping.
  • Vessel interception.
  • Gathering, manipulating and storing information and intelligence.
  • Monitoring environmental pollution.
  • Assist partner agencies and stakeholders.
  • VIP and internal tours.
  • Boarding and working in close proximity to deep-sea vessels at anchor and underway.
  • Search and Rescue.
  • Environmental Sciences.

Please contact us to discuss how our EagleCraft Response Class Patrol Vessels can meet your mission requirements.  See our   39′ Response Class Patrol Vessel and  43′ Response Class Patrol Vessel.

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37’ Pilot boat / passenger vessel

  • Length: 37’2″
  • Beam: 13’0″
  • Engines:  Twin Diesel engine packages with  v-drive shafts, jet pump drives, or surface drives available
  • Cabin Length: 11’6″ Forward leaning cabin
  • Side Plate: 1/4″
  • Hull Plate: 5/16″ 5086 Alloy
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 240 Imp Gallon,  1091 liters
  • Steering: Jastram Hydraulic steering system
  • Electronics: Your Choice  

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